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Calling all witches and wizards!  Inspired by the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry, this magical theme is not to be missed!  Every guest will create their very own Hedwig, the messenger owl, and decorate a special box for storing messages in with the Hogwart's or Gigi's crest (heck, they can even make their own).  Add on a candy buffet or prepared goody bag filled with Flying Frogs, Golden Snitches and more - every detail will delight.  Hats and robes are optional but please leave all brooms at the door!

Hedwig, the owls
Harry Potter Party!
Hogwarts Crest Box
Gigi's Crest Box
Harry Potter Craft Party
Harry Potter Cuties
Harry Potter Candy Buffet
Harry Potter Candy Buffet
Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans!
Harry Potter Candy Buffet

Party Details


  • Harry Potter theme includes owls, name tags and messenger boxes.

  • 90 minutes of pure crafty goodness and fun!

  • Only one party in the studio at a time so no conflicting noise or distractions - we are all about you and your birthday star!

  • 8 children including the birthday child

  • Additional children may be added ($34/child) up to 24 children total

  • Pink lemonade and waters for all children

  • All paper goods and decorations

  • 2 birthday party hostesses that handle all the activities and make sure your party runs flawlessly! (parties that reach 16 or more children will require an additional party hostess $30)

  • Personalized thank you cards

  • One very happy birthday child!

Add Pizza

$50 + tax

  • 15 additional minutes

  • 2 large pizzas from Cohasset House of Pizza (delivered)

  • Extra paper goods, lemonade and waters for the children

  • Additional large pizzas can be ordered for $15/pizza

Harry Potter Party Options!

There is plenty of Harry Potter magic in the basic theme of the party, but the special candy buffet ($10/child plus tax) or custom goody bags ($8/child plus tax) add a special whimsy to the day! 

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