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We're Baaaaaaaack!

Opening April, 2023

185 Lincoln Street
Suite 200A
(above Crow Point Pizza)
Hingham, MA




From the moment we first opened our doors in Cohasset, in 2014, there was immediately a lot more silliness, fun, goofy dancing, messy crafts, smiles, giggles, boa feathers and glitter on the South Shore! 

I would often say that this Happy Place was located at the corner of Sunshine and Glitter, where the fairies spun the disco balls and tended the flower garden hanging from our ceiling and where the Limbo was played hundreds of times!  We got loud, we laughed, we crafted, we painted, we sang, we played, we dressed up, we boogied down, we had fun! 

When we closed those doors,

I just knew it wasn't the end,

simply a little break. 


Well, we are THRILLED to announce that we are opening in a new location with all the same glitter,

joy, sunshine, and disco balls

now in Hingham in April, 2023!

Come celebrate with us!


At Gigi's Crafty Place, we firmly believe our mission is simple:  bring more joy into the world through the fun of crafts, celebration and community.  Our hope is that everyone that walks through our doors leaves with a giant smile, a pep in their step and perhaps a little glitter in their hair.  We will color, paint, create, dance, share, sing, giggle, practice kindness, build confidence, and always have fun.

Did I mention we will giggle?

We do not tolerate discrimination of any sort, disrespect, stinkin' thinking nor negativity.  We believe children should be allowed to create, explore and express themselves as they see fit and thus do not require coloring in the lines or duplicating samples.  Their creations are to reflect their individual personality, capabilities and vision.  We are simply here to provide a platform for creating more joy. 

And spreading glitter. 

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