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Balloon Messages

Hope you are having a fabulous day today! I'm thinking of adding balloon letters to the studio - parents can choose the message to fit the party. What do you think? And since your birthday is only one day out of the year, why not celebrate the other 364 days as well! Did you go to the gym this morning? No? Well, did you get out of bed? Bam! Celebrate that! What about a balloon banner saying "You Beast!"? Ha, ha, cracking myself up with that one! Did you check everything off on your to do list? Ok, let's not be silly! How about this, did you write a to do list? Ta da! Celebration time! Balloons could read "You Did It" (everyone will think you actually did something really grand but we promise not to tell!) Do you look at your littles and your heart swells? No lesser comparison needed there, just a simple - Woot Woot! CELEBRATE THAT! "I Love You" would say it all! Celebrate the big, the little and everything in between. Let me know what you think. I'm thinking balloon letters might be the perfect touch to remember that every day should be a happy day!

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