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Pom Poms Made Easy - Come Try It Out!

Has anyone else noticed that pom poms and tassels have been popping up everywhere this summer? From beach bags to jewelry, clothing and more - pom poms and tassels are the hottest accessory for just about anything! (Including those super cute beach totes from SouthShore Baskets - check them out on Facebook - and no, that is not an affiliate link. I have yet to meet these crafty peeps!)

But do you also realize how incredibly easy these fluffy, little balls of joy are to make? I know, as you read that, you are probably having flash backs to summer camp days and cutting off the circulation in your fingers as you wrap them, and wrap them, with yarn, tie it off, try to slide the mass of yarn off your hand in one piece, only to have it unravel on the floor as the blood rushing back to your fingertips causes them to tingle! Argh, the disappointment, the pain, the sadness....

Well, let the heavens part and the angels sing because yet again hipsters in Brooklyn have got you covered! The amazing folks at a little but mighty Brooklyn company called, The Loome (again, not an affiliate, just some folks/a product that I've happened upon and fallen in love with!) have created these beautiful wooden tools that put the joy - and EASE - back in pom pom and tassel making. Get ready to accessorize everything!

Not only do we use these in the studio for our Pom Pom Palooza Parties, but we also sell them as individual tools or in a kit, complete with several balls of yarn to keep you - or your kiddo - entertained for, well.... let's just say, the Loome makes cranking out the pom poms so easy and addicting that you might find yourself stealing it from the kiddos and thus falling a bit behind on your latest binge series! (Can I hear an AMEN! for Odd Mom Out?!!!)

Why don't you send your kiddos to try it out for themselves?


Tuesday, August 30th

10:00 - 11:30 or 1:30 - 3:00

$25/participant (ages 8 and older)

$30 with purchase of Loome tool (tool typically $10)

Why not make it a mom and me class?

Simply register for two!

Not only will your daughter and/or you learn how to use this fabulous tool, but we'll add some beads and fasteners to make a fun, colorful bauble to clip onto your beach bag or {sigh} school backpack and get your pom pom accessorizing going!

Click HERE for all the details and to reserve your spot(s)!

Can't make the class but want a kit on hand for an easy at home activity? Want to get a group of friends together for a private workshop? Contact us and we'll set up a time for you to stop by the studio to pick up a kit or schedule an outing.

Just, please, promise us you won't use those surplus pom poms to do anything foolish, like this...

Silly pom pom hat

Disguise added to protect the innocent! Thanks, Pinterest!

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