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Check Out Our New Look - We're So Excited!

For those of you that have communicated with me via email (or read a post or two of mine!), you probably know that I love the term "Woot Woot!" It's kitschy, a bit too trendy in the blogosphere world, certainly not something my Georgetown professors would be proud of, but can you really knock it as a perfectly silly way to express excitement with the written word? Most often, I use it with a mixture of capitals and lower case, tucked randomly into the body of text. Rarely, do I use italics - just doesn't feel right. Occasionally, for emphasis, I'll phrase it in color, and if I'm really feeling enthusiastic, hold onto your hats - yep, I'll even make it bold. But today?

Well, today, we'll let the picture do the talking, because, today... today, even this simple phrase isn't enough, we are just that excited!

No, school is not yet back in session (although, feel free to borrow the graphic that day!). And, no, I didn't just miraculously find a second "Gigi" to help with our bustling business (although, if you know someone, please send her our way!). No, our excitement has to do with what you are looking at!

Thanks to the very talented team at Customerilly Digital Development Agency, finally reflects the incredible fun and excitement that the studio embodies. Woot Woot! (Couldn't resist!) Despite Customerilly's inability to have bubbles float out of the screen to greet you as they do when you enter the studio (crazy, right?), they were able to elevate our website, calendar, booking system and more to a level we only hoped for. Go take a look for yourself. Click, scroll, explore and please leave comments - we can't wait to hear what you think! Hopefully we'll hear a WOOT WOOT!!!

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