Meet Gigi

What started out as a hobby (a love of crafts and "creating") and a passion (a love of celebrating just about anything!), morphed over the years from throwing parties for my own boys (be it their birthday or just a really good Thursday - no joke!), to parties for friends' kids, to parties for friends' friends' kids!  But at the parties, "Mrs. Robards" sounded too formal and a few littles felt uncomfortable calling me by first name, Gretchen, so my college nickname, Gigi, re-surfaced.  Realizing that no one really wants the mess of a party in their own house, including me(!), after 15 years of being home with my children, I launched Gigi's Crafty Place - a fun filled place to create and celebrate!  I haven't spent a day without specks of glitter somewhere on my person since!  (That stuff never disappears!)  

When not spending time with my own family, I absolutely adore spending time in the studio, be it crafting away and chatting about life (that saying about "kids say the darndest things" is no joke!) or dancing like fools and singing at the top of our lungs - and that goes for with the kids as well as the adutls!  Once you walk though the doors of the studio it is silly and fun and crafty and love and ... happy.  As one mom said to me, "Gigi's is just a little corner of happiness!"​ - talk about making my heart sing!  I do my best to make sure the parents -- but more importantly, the kids -- feel that way whenever they are there.  So at the end of every party, when we're doing the limbo to Pharell Willams' song, Happy, I admit, it's not just coincidence.  That song makes me happy, your children make me happy, the studio makes me happy, and together, well, just don't be surprised if you catch me with tears in my eyes as they limbo away!