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Meet Gigi


What started out as a hobby (a love of crafts and "creating") and a passion (a love of celebrating just about anything!), morphed over the years from throwing parties for my own boys (be it their birthday or just a really good Thursday - no joke!), to parties for friends' kids, to parties for friends' friends' kids, to opening Gigi's Crafty Place - a fun filled party studio in Cohasset, MA, where we celebrated 100's of kiddos over the years.  At the parties, "Mrs. Robards" sounded too formal and a few littles felt uncomfortable calling me by first name, Gretchen, so my college nickname, Gigi, re-surfaced.  And, no,  I never tire of hearing "My grandma is named Gigi" (almost on the daily!).  But please forgive me if you say "Hi Gigi" in the Fruit Center and it takes me a moment to remember if we just met at a party in the studio or dancing the night away in college! (I've always loved a party with a dance floor!)

My basic 411 is I live in Hingham with my husband and our sweet pup, Becket, our two boys now grown and flown.  Seeing what incredible young men they are is the absolute joy of my life.  Now, as an empty nester, when not playing pickleball or walking the pup (translation:  the new family prince), I'm the silly lady with glitter in her hair making googly eyes at babies in public places, winking and smiling with little kiddos and basically embarassing my family with my baby/little kiddo adoration! 

Which is why my family is thrilled that I have finally found a new location in Hingham where I can go back to doing all those silly, crafty, joyful parties and hang with the littles again!  I hope you will stop in and say hello and come celebrate just about anything with us!  We will be opening our doors in April 2023 (see New Studio page for more!) and I can't wait to meet you!

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