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Is your child one of those kids that loves crafts?  Yep, trick questions - just about any kid does, right?  So with this theme, we'll determine a more involved craft project such as creating a scrapbook, decorating an intial with decoupage and sparkly embellishments, making paper flower arrangements, creating a cool bulletin board for your room - possibilities are endless.  We'll determine the craft based on your son/daugher's interests.


Party Details

$400 + tax

  • 90 minutes of pure crafty goodness and fun!

  • Only one party in the studio at a time so no conflicting noise or distractions - we are all about you and your birthday star!

  • 8 children including the birthday child

  • Additional children may be added ($30/child) up to 24 children total

  • Optional crafts/activities (costs vary)

  • Pink lemonade and waters for all children

  • All paper goods and decorations

  • 2 birthday party hostesses that handle all the activities and make sure your party runs flawlessly! Parties that reach 15 or more children will require an additional party hostess ($30 service fee); 20 kids = two additional hostesses ($60 service fee)

  • Personalized thank you cards

  • One very happy birthday child!

Add Pizza

$50 + tax

  • 15 additional minutes

  • 2 large pizzas from Cohasset House of Pizza (delivered)

  • Extra paper goods, lemonade and waters for the children

  • Additional large pizzas can be ordered for $15/pizza

Crafty Kids Party Options!

This party involves detailed crafts such as the following but is certainly not limited to these options!

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