Friday, March 27, 2015

Bunnies and Cupcake Palooza!

Seriously?  I got to spend a few hours in the middle of the day with this delightful group, laughing nonstop, and call it "work"?!  How much do I love this "job"?!?!  Not only did these guys re-introduce me to Freeze Dance (definitely going to have to add that to the party repertoire!) but they amazed me with their dance moves and singing talents!  Oh, and yeah, they pretty much rocked it with the cupcakes -
talk about little Martha's and Bobby Flay's!  Wonderful, wonderful day.

So much so, I thought I'd offer the class again before Easter flies by.  Check out the "Upcoming Classes" tab or click HERE for more information.  In the meantime, check out their photos - such a great group!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Puppies in Fancy Pouches - Perfect For The Catwalk!

Give a girl a boa and a fancy pair of sunglasses, not to mention an adorable golden puppy in a fancy carrying case, and you've got all you need for one fashionable parade on the catwalk!  This group of young ladies did a fabulous job stuffing their puppies and making the cases.  Ooh la la!